Sanford Center for Aging

Sanford Center for Aging

Sanford Distinguished Speakers Series

Part of the University of Nevada, Reno — the Sanford Center for Aging is Nevada's premier center promoting aging-related research, education and community outreach. The center is an innovative statewide organization that improves the quality of life of older adults in Nevada. Learn more about us.

Sanford Students and Faculty

Gerontology Education

We offer premier learning programs for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals interested in the field of aging. We are committed to educating students about aging as well as serving the community by organizing events with older adults within the community.

Sanford Geriatric Clinic

Translational Research

The center supports faculty and students engaged in aging-related research from across the University of Nevada, Reno. Through collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, the center strives to promote an enhanced understanding of aging and the aging experience.

Sanford Volunteers

Community Outreach

In honoring Jean Sanford’s legacy of commitment to community service, the center develops and offers a variety of community outreach programs intended to meet the physical, mental and social needs of elders in our community.