Division of Health Sciences

Campus Recreation and Wellness

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

CRW is committed to the development of a healthy learning environment supportive of the internal quality of campus life, a quality of life that fosters personal growth and enhances creative, scholarly activity by providing quality recreational programs and services that complement the academic process.


Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT)

CASAT's mission is to provide training, technical assistance, evaluation, research, and other services to support prevention, treatment and recovery in the alcohol and other drugs field. CASAT strives to improve substance abuse prevention and treatment services by helping states, organizations, agencies, and individuals apply evidence-based practices in the field.

Sanford Center for Aging

Sanford Center for Aging

The Sanford Center for Aging is funded in the large part through a substantial endowment made by Mrs. Jean Sanford in 1992. The express purpose of this endowment was "…to support the activities … which are directed in whole or substantial part towards research, teaching and publicizing ways and means to improve quality of life for [older adults]."

Center for Program Evaluation

Center for Program Evaluation

Through an approach known as partnership evaluation, the Center for Program Evaluation (CPE) provides an alternative to traditional evaluation services by working in partnership with those who strive to improve the quality of life in their communities. CPE focuses on three primary areas of specialization: health and wellness; youth development and education; and community and family services.


Nevada Center for Health Statistics and Informatics (NCHSI)

The NCHSI provides technical capacity and collaborative opportunities for researchers and health professionals in Nevada on statistical methodology, sophisticated database design, data collection, data management, data analysis, data dissemination and data presentation.

University of Nevada, Reno Campus

Center for Research Design and Analysis (CRDA)

The CRDA has years of experience and expertise in utilizing a wide range of data collection techniques. The center specializes in research projects aimed at solving complex problems and providing critical data and information to state and federal agencies for use in program planning and resource allocation. The Center also provides in-house research support to faculty, students, and community-based groups.