Nurses from the Orvis School

Main Photo: Nursing students in the clinical simulation center at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Students in the PHS

Photo: Division of Health Sciences students in the state of the art Pennington Health Sciences building.

The Division of Health Sciences is compromised of four schools to train students to improve the health and wellness of communities. The School of Community Health Sciences, School of Social Work, Orvis School of Nursing and the School of Medicine provide students the opportunity to pursue careers in education, research, clinical care and public service. Whether you're looking to provide healing and treatment to patients, lobby for health care reform, or advocate to the community the importance of health care, the Division of Health Sciences has something for everyone.

Upon graduation, students enrolled in one of the schools in the Division of Health Sciences will provide competent and comprehensive clinical care, broaden community health awareness and pursue collaborative academic programs and community partnerships. There are a number of degree programs to meet health care career goals and students are encouraged to participate in medical and social research and conduct scholarly activities aimed at improving the lives of whole populations. Come see for yourself, what the Division of Health Sciences has to offer.

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