Employee of the Quarter

Division of Health Sciences

The employee of the quarter award began in 2014, as an extension of the employee of the year which began at the School of Medicine in 1989. The award recognizes employees who provide support to the School of Medicine and Division of Health Sciences across the state.

This award provides an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the efforts of the staff who support the performance and achievement of our students, their colleagues, the school, and of our division. While many of our employees are deserving of praise, these exemplary individuals display dedication to quality, professionalism, initiative, reliability, adaptability, attitude toward work, and uniqueness of contribution to those they support and with whom they interact above and beyond expectations.

Thank you for joining me in recognizing these outstanding employees whose contributions improve Nevada's health and health care.

Please use our online form to nominate an employee.


Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D.
Professor of Family Medicine
Dean, School of Medicine
Vice President, Division of Health Sciences