Faculty Meeting

Bylaws: School of Community Health Sciences

A. Scheduling

Faculty meetings are convened by the Director:

  1. as part of the regular schedule of meetings established each academic year;
  2. when the Director has issues for discussion or action items needing faculty input;
  3. upon written request by a majority of the voting faculty; and
  4. as directed by a higher administrative authority.

B. Procedures

The Director, or his/her appointed representative, presides over FAL meetings. As much as possible, Robert's Rules of Order - Newly Revised shall govern the conduct of faculty meetings.

B.1. Voting

In compliance with UNR's bylaws, eligible faculty must be notified of the opportunity to vote in a timely manner and ineligible faculty must be precluded from voting. Voter confidentiality must be assured and voters must be informed of current election policies and procedures, including the process(es) by which confidentiality is secured and personal identities are safeguarded.

B.2. Records

The Director is responsible for accurate minutes of faculty meetings and may use the services of an administrative assistant for recording purposes. The Director is responsible for editorial corrections that do not affect substantive material, for making a draft of minutes available to the faculty prior to the next meeting, and for maintaining a continuous record of School minutes on file in the main office.