Message from Trudy Larson, M.D.

Director of School of Community Health Sciences

Trudy Larson

Trudy Larson, M.D., Director of School of Community Health Sciences

Welcome to the School of Community Health Sciences. You might wonder what community health sciences really means. It is a broad discipline that includes personal health and wellness, population health, studying the health of our communities as it relates to people, environment, social systems, and the classic study of public health. Students with undergraduate degrees from the SCHS work as sports trainers, health educators, in health related businesses and many go on to professional degrees in Physical Therapy, Nursing, Medicine, and our own graduate degree of a Master in Public Health.

The mission of the SCHS is clear: "to develop, disseminate, and apply knowledge with an ecological approach to protect and promote the health of populations statewide and worldwide." This mission is carried out by the faculty within the SCHS and graduates from both the Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health degree programs. Faculty teach and do research in their fields to increase the reach of new and innovative knowledge of graduates. These research projects often include our community partners and graduate students collaborating to address specific population health needs in Nevada. Students from the MPH program have successfully found jobs in their fields regionally, nationally, and globally.

The health of Nevada has many challenges and the SCHS is dedicated to providing new answers through laboratory and community based research and graduating dedicated and creative workers who will address these health needs into the future.