New Student Checklist and First Summer Semester Information

MPH Student Handbook

New Student Checklist Leading Up To The First Fall Semester

A new student orientation is held during the summer after admission into the MPH program to provide students with important information and to facilitate the start of the MPH program. The orientation also allows students to be introduced to the UNR campus, the student's faculty advisor and other faculty members, and to fellow students in the program.

University of Nevada Student ID and Communication

  • After admission to UNR, students need to obtain and set up an account with MyNevada.
    • Under "For Current Students," "Create My Profile", students can set up their university account, including providing an email address that will be used for all university and program communication. Use of the email address is highly encouraged.
  • Set up NetID and password
    • This site assists students in activating their NetID and user password, which will be used to access MyNevada, WebCampus, and other university resources.
  • Log into WebCampus with your UNR NetID to view course content and announcements.
  • Purchase a WolfCard student ID
    • Visit the WolfCard office on the second floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union, and bring a valid U.S. State or Federally issued photo ID or a passport to purchase a Wolfcard.

Class Registration (Summer and Fall Semesters)

After admission into the MPH program, an email will be sent to each student from the Office of Admissions and Records with a fall semester enrollment date. All students need to register for fall courses after discussion with and approval from their faculty advisor or the MPH program director.

All students are required to enroll in CHS 700 Research Methods for Public Health in the summer I session from June-July immediately after admission into the program. This course provides an introduction to public health and research methods, and is the base for the rest of the MPH program. This course is delivered online through WebCampus and weekly participation in the course is required.

CHS 712 Epidemiology in Public Health is also offered online in the summer II session during July-August. Please discuss taking this class with your faculty advisor.

Summer Tuition And Fee Information