Ph.D. in Public Health

School of Community Health Sciences

The School of Community Health Sciences offers a Ph.D. in Public Health with two specializations:

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Social and Behavioral health.

The Ph.D. is designed to prepare students for careers in which advanced analytical and conceptual capabilities are required, such as university teaching, research, consulting, policy development or other high-level positions. The Ph.D. in Public Health emphasizes the expertise necessary for a research career in either epidemiology or social behavioral health.

Program Objectives

  • Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the major local, national, and global epidemiological, and social and behavioral health issues.
  • Graduates will display excellence in applying the theoretical and problem solving aspects of epidemiology, and social and behavioral health.
  • Graduates will have conducted independent research that generates new public health knowledge, and is characterized by conceptual and methodological rigor.
  • Graduates will be able to communicate knowledge and research findings to appropriate professional, scientific, policy and lay audiences and demonstrate skills in translating research into public health practice or health policy.

Program Information