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Community Health Sciences

Community Health Sciences Major

If you are thinking about a career in any realm of health, the Community Health Sciences (CHS) major has much to offer. Through a varied curriculum, inter-related subjects such as bioethics, spirituality, kinesiology and health policy encourage CHS majors to explore health from multiple perspectives: emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental as well as physical.

Our undergraduate students are prepared to work in a variety of public and private positions from hospital administrator to community health educator to fitness trainer. In addition, the broad perspective of health that our undergraduate students develop has been recognized as a distinct advantage for graduate programs including medicine, physical therapy, business and public health among many others.

CHS Major Specializations: Kinesiology and Public Health

In the Fall of 2014, CHS major specializations were introduced. Students already enrolled in the program can continue with their existing plan or can switch to one of the new specializations. All students declaring a CHS major for the first time will choose from the new offerings. All students will take CHS 101,102, 200, 280, and 473.

The Public Health specialization will require CHS 211 (Technical Writing), and offers more social science options. The Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology, and Kinesiology courses will be optional, but are not required.

The Kinesiology specialization will offer additional specialized courses in physical movement, motor development, conditioning and training. Courses that fit a physical education teaching track and a pre-professional (e.g. physical therapy and occupational therapy) track will be offered.

All majors will provide good preparation for various health professions and graduate school programs according to your interests and career goals.

Major specialization requirements: