Experiential Learning

Make Health Happen


Three credits of field study are required for all CHS seniors and are arranged through the Field Studies course (CHS 494). Students in CHS 494 are required to develop a health-related project for their organization. This will demonstrate the skills and range of knowledge our seniors have developed. Projects, rather than simply working at a site, provide a unique service to an organization and can be a strong addition to a student's resume. Field studies have provided our undergraduate students with valuable experiences that often lead to job offers and very positive letters of recommendation for graduate school.


Three credits of internship (270 hours) are required for all MPH students. This experience is arranged through the MPH internship course (CHS 798). Students complete this course the summer after all pre-requisites have been completed (usually after one year of full-time coursework).

Community Agencies

If your community agency or organization would like to have undergraduate or graduate interns, please submit an Internship Project Description.

Internship Requirements:

More information about internships requirements can be found on the Graduate Internship or Undergraduate Internship pages.

This course is designed to be a culminating portfolio development and service learning experience for students during their senior year. Through this experience, students will work through three core components of knowledge, action, and reflection that are essential to service learning. Students will complete a public health-related internship with clear, independent outcomes and objectives.

Please note:

  • Independent research, observation, and job shadowing are NOT allowed.
  • Filing, data entry, and other office tasks are allowed, but should not account for more than 10% of time.
  • Coursework (completing assignments, creating the project film, etc.) does NOT count towards the hour requirement.
  • Student CANNOT be paid for undergrad internships work. Masters level students can be paid.
  • Friends or relatives cannot supervise students.
  • Throughout the semester, student should seek out opportunities to represent field study visually for your project presentation film (photographs, sample materials, etc.)

International Experiences

For more information on international opportunities, contact the Coordinator, Field Studies & Community Relations, Gerold Dermid-Gray.

Student working on internship projectStudent 2 working on internship projectInternational Internship Photo