Network and normative influences on HIV risk and testing behavior among black women

School of Community Health Sciences

HIV testing

Effective Dates: 5/1/15-1/31/20
Grant: NIH/NIDA R01DA038185
Principal Investigator: Karla Wagner

Black/African American Women are at elevated risk for contracting HIV/AIDS through both heterosexual transmission and drug-related behavior. This grant will evaluate how social network structure, social norms, and experiences and behaviors of influential social network contacts are associated with HIV status, HIV risk behavior and history of HIV testing among Black/African American Women.

Project Steps

Phase I

Surveys and egocentric network interviews will be conducted with approximately 75 Black/African American Women in Reno, Nevada and up to 375 of their social network contacts. Individual and network characteristics will be assessed.

Phase II

Focus groups will be conducted to assess the acceptability of a social network-based intervention involving influential network members.

The proposed research will advance the President's National HIV/AIDS Strategy to "reduce new infections, increase access to care, and reduce HIV-related health disparities."