Centers and Institutes

Bylaws: School of Community Health Sciences

Any member of the SCHS faculty may present a formal proposal to the Director for a center or institute. All proposals must be in accord with the bylaws of UNR and of the Nevada System of Higher Education. All proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and a recommendation made to the FAL. Any proposal must receive a majority vote of the voting faculty to be approved. If approved by the Director and the FAL, the proposal will be sent to the VPHS for approval.

Existing centers and institutes may affiliate with the SCHS if so directed by higher administrative authority or by agreement of the directors of SCHS and such units, and approval by the FAL and the VPHS. The relationships of pre-existing centers with the SCHS may be governed by memoranda of understanding signed by the center and SCHS directors, and approved by the VPHS and the Executive Vice President & Provost.

Unless otherwise specified in a memorandum of understanding, centers and institutes are required to provide and secure their own funding, independent of already existing SCHS funds. If funding for such centers, institutes, or programs ceases, then the SCHS Director, with input from the FAL, can request bridge money or can dissolve the center's, institute's, or program's relationship with the SCHS.

The departmental share of indirect cost receipts generated by centers, institutes, and programs will be paid to the SCHS unless an alternative arrangement is negotiated with the SCHS Director. Faculty can be appointed to such units as "research faculty" if supported by contract or grant dollars.

Directors and Chairs of these units are fully responsible for the operation of the respective unit and its operation including budgeting, staff recruitment, marketing, and evaluation of administrative faculty and classified staff.